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Small Compact PSA

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology

The air we breathe consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon and other gases.
PSA is the technology to separate a certain gas from the air using the difference in adsorption of each gas by the crystal called molecular sieve.
The diagram shows the differences of Zeolite molecular sieve adsorbing the gases. As the air passes through a column (bed) filled packed with the molecular sieve, different layers are formed as the gases in the air are adsorbed differently according to the relative affinity.
This process can last until the layers of the gas molecules will fill the end of the molecular sieve bed. The efficiency of the process is higher at high pressure, low temperature or high concentration of the supplied gas.

In other words, when the compressed air passes through this layer, the nitrogen molecules are adsorbed while they are desorbed under the low pressure. The PSA system consists of a tank (bed) filled with two molecular sieves. When the compressed air is charged to the first tank, the nitrogen molecules are adsorbed while the oxygen and other gases like argon pass through to the storage tank.
When the first bed is completely saturated with the adsorbed nitrogen, the compressed air is transferred to the second bed to continue the nitrogen adsorption while the pressure of the nitrogen adsorbed in the first bed is lowered so that they will be released to the atmosphere.
To recycle the molecular sieve in the first bed, the bed must be purged with the high purity oxygen generated in the second bed. Such repetition of adsorption and desorption of the gases can go on without the molecular sieve being worn or plugged as long as the appropriate interval of adsorption and desorption process is set.
oxygen generator
Features of O2 PSA

  •     Compact product with simple structure ensured by the optimum design.
  •     Fully automated and unattended operation by electronic control.
  •     The product can be custom designed according to user requirements for oxygen purity, production volume or pressure (1-200NM3/Hr, 90-95%       O2).
  •     The absorbent for gas separation can be used semi-permanently.

Application of Oxygen Generator

  •     Wastewater or water treatment       
  •     Feed gas for ozone production
  •     Heat treatment or chemical oxidation

process         Glass industry, pulp and paper industry or battery industry
    Fish farm / environment improvement         Cutting / small steel mill/welding process
    Medical use           

2. The portable PSA oxygen generator according to claim 1, wherein the control valve assembly consists of at least four micro two-position two-way electromagnetic valves which are connected in parallel, or consists of one or more micro two-position five-way pilot-operated air control valves which are connected in parallel.

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